Shake It Off - The Taylor Swift Experience Review

Shake It Off - The Taylor Swift Experience Review

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Posted 2024-04-07 by Jade Jacksonfollow

After many hours wasted trying to score Taylor Swift Eras Tour Tickets, I pinned my hopes on the next best thing - Shake It Off - The Taylor Swift Experience.

I sat down with lead singer of the Australian-based Shake It Off - The Taylor Swift Experience, Mia Isoardi to chat about all things Tay Tay, including how she got started as the lead singer to a Taylor Swift Tribute band. Listen to the interview with Mia here .

I was lucky enough to attend the Padstow RSL show; amongst the first shows in an extensive domestic line-up. Arriving just before showtime and faced with a long line of heart-shaped sunglasses, pink glitter skirts, white tee-shirts and cowgirl boots (with the odd black fedora hat) stretching around the corner, I wondered if I should have camped out overnight, but thankfully, the line moved quickly and we were free to pick our own standing section, anywhere within the concert area.

Mia also performs guitar during some songs.

I started up the back but was soon compelled to join the hard-core Swities (ranging in age from 3 years old to 40 plus) down on the dance floor, where the screams of "Taylor...Taylor...Taylor..." were so loud, especially for a small concert venue, I'd almost wished I'd heeded previous Swiftie advice to bring earplugs.

From the opening track, Cruel Summer the cacophonous screams and flashes of bejewelled friendship bracelets flying through the air, onto the stage convinced me I was experiencing the Era's Tour live, albeit in an intimate setting compared to a vast stadium.

The hits continued with The Man, Enchanted, Lover and I knew You Were Trouble. It wasn't an exact track-by-track replica of the Eras tour but no one cared, it was a huge party and everyone was there to celebrate their love for Taylor Swift, in the most accessible way possible, at their local RSL Club.

Throughout the show, I counted at least eight costume changes from lead singer Mia (AKA Taylor), in line with each era change which set the mood and tone for each mini-set. Of course, the Shake It Off rendition was loud enough to be heard from three suburbs away with mums, kids and even RSL staff singing their hearts out.

For several songs, Mia was joined by her piano student, Stevie (a mini Taylor Swift in the making) who ramped up the young crowd to maximum level. Stevie's outfit changes mimicked Mia's in a double-act that mixed up the vocals and gave Mia's hands a break from the never-ending hand-hearts as tiny outstretched arms, vied to get closer to stardom.

Throughout the concert, kids stretched out their arms to make hand-hearts with Mia.

Mia was kept busy between tracks as she collected all the friendship bracelets. In my chat with Mia before the show (at the start of the article) she mentioned she had a drawer full of friendship bracelets but by the time this concert series is done, she may need to expand her storage to a small shed to fit them all!

The tribute show ran for over 2.5 hours with a short break in the middle which some tiny Swifties desperately needed as a few kids had fallen asleep on their parent's shoulder after the first hour, having danced and sung themselves into exhaustion.

There were several costume changes throughout the concert, introducing each mini-set.

There was a brief encore, after which 500 youngsters screamed, 'We want more!..We want more!" which every parent knows was likely to erupt in a chaotic riot if Mia wasn't persuaded to sing a couple more tunes to fill the excited fans.

Shake It Off - The Taylor Swift Experience was cheaper, easier to access and more intimate than a stadium where the average attendee sees nothing more than a tiny figure in the distance. Here, you'll be metres away from the stage, dancing the night (or in my case, afternoon) away.

Stevie joined Mia on stage for several songs which the kids loved.

After the concert ended, a hoard of Swifties, bombarded Mia as she exited the stage, all screaming "Taylor, Taylor, can I please get a selfie?" Proof that for these Swifties, it was just as good as the original, if not better.

Must do's: Arrive early (especially if you plan on eating prior), wear your best sparkly gear and don't shy away from dressing up, you'll look out of place if you're not and consider bringing earplugs or headphones for small ears, don't forget to practice learning all the lyrics so you can sing along!

The Padstow R.S.L had a special "Tay" K Away Menu with quick snacks like a hot dog and fries for $15. Each venue will have its own menu to maximise this special Taylor Swift Experience.
Inside the concert area, the only food available was packets of chips and cans of soft drink (cash only).

All your favourite hits were performed at the Taylor Swift Experience.

To view concert dates, venues and buy tickets to Shake It Off - The Taylor Swift Experience Click Here .

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